In order to avoid possible problems and costs related to water supply, and if they do occur, for the sake of quicker and less painful elimination, in the mutual interest we give you some tips and messages.

  1. Owners of individual houses should close their shaft (behind the water meter) in the shaft before each longer leave (vacation, travel, work abroad, etc.).
  2. In order to prevent or early detect and timely eliminate the loss of water in the home installation (from water meters to consumables in the home), it is advisable to check the correctness of the installations at least once a month. The check is carried out by closing all spillways in the house (in multi-dwelling buildings, in consultation with all tenants), and on the water meter controls whether the red consumption indicator is stationary. If standing still means no loss, and if it is spinning, it is a sure sign of losing water to your detriment and you have to find and eliminate it yourself. If you want to determine how much damage the lost loss brings to you, then with time control via the clock and flow readings on the water meter you can easily determine the loss in l/min, per hour or in m3 per day, which with the multiplication with the price gives a financial loss.
  3. Before winter in the month of November or early December, check that the water meter is frost-proof. If it is not and you are unable to perform the protection yourself, please let us know. Frost protection is performed in higher areas.
  4. If you notice any water inflow into the manhole or damage to it (breakage of the lid, frame, theft of the water meter or lid, the manhole bearing) let us know.
  5. At individual construction sites and uninhabited houses, after each interruption of work or interruption of residence, be sure to close the valve behind the water meter.
  6. The valve behind the meter belongs to the home installation, is repaired and changed at the expense of the consumer. Closing the water before the water meter (when repairing or replacing the valve behind the water meter) is the responsibility of Maintenance Service (phone: 051/536-260). In multi-tenant buildings, all tenants must be notified of the work being performed.
  7. The drain valve behind the water meter is installed and maintained by the customer himself and should not be installed in our manhole but on a home installation.
  8. For uninhabited buildings as well as gardens, it would be helpful to have your own manhole with a valve that can be closed.
  9. You will be notified of the interruption of water supply due to pipeline work through the mass media, our written notice or verbally by our employees. When the water arrives, a temporary turbidity is expected, so let the water at all spills flow until it clarifies, and only then can you use it freely.
  10. If you notice anything unusual in the water, if there is a decrease in volume, pressure drop, high temperature or the water is turbid, let us know to correct the defects.