Yes, if the pipe burst happened after your water meter. All registered consumption on the water meter, no matter how it is used, must be paid, because on such registered consumption KP “Budućnost” a.d. Laktaši pays water contributions and VAT. KP “Budućnost” a.d. Laktaši, in accordance with the positive legal regulations, eliminates failures in the water supply network and bears the consequences of the same to the water meter in the consumer shaft.

Yes, if the water is leaking after the water meter. If you miss the connection before the water meter, you will not be charged for this amount of water. Whether you are leaking before or after the water meter, please report such failures to our on-call service as it is in our and your best interest.

On cold days when the temperature drops below zero, every consumer is obliged to protect their water meter from freezing (styrofoam, old rags, straw, cardboard, etc.) so that our worker can easily take it off and read the water meter.

Yes. We regularly monitor and check the condition and quality of water. In case of water defect, you will be informed on time through the media and our website.

Water distributed to consumers is controlled by the Institute for Health Protection of Republic of Srpska.

It happens that after a downtime in the water supply (malfunction) in the faucets of consumers, turbidity occurs. This is the result of a hydraulic shock, which causes the sludge to build up on the inside walls of the pipeline, and with intense swelling of the faucets in the households, the water clears. The water supply system is also obliged to flush the distribution water supply network.

By “white water” is meant the water into which the air has come in the form of bubbles. It is a dispersed air that bubbles out of a glass in about thirty seconds, so that the water is completely clarified. Malfunctioning home installations that suck in air are the most common problem. This phenomenon has no hygienic and sanitary significance.

Installations up to the water meter including the measuring instrument (water meter) are maintained by KP “Budućnost” a.d. Laktaši, and installations after the water meter the user or the owner of the water supply connection.

The obligation to pay the lease for the water meter is laid down in the Decision on Public Water Supply and Public Sewerage of the Municipality of Laktaši, and is payable by all consumers regardless of consumption. Water meter maintenance is used to maintain and replace the water meter and the charge depends on the consumer category and the water meter profile.

The total water consumption read at the common water meter is divided by the number of tenants in the condominium community. In proportion to the number of members of individual households, the distribution of total water consumed is also made. The number of household members shall be submitted in writing by the chairman of the condominium community assembly.

The deadline for submitting an objection to the invoice amount is eight days from the date of receipt of the invoice.

In case the utility user does not pay the bill for two consecutive months, according to the Law on Public Utilities of Republic of Srpska, the owner or user of the facility may be denied water delivery. Prior warning is given to users, verbally and in writing. In addition, irregular payments are initiated by enforcement proceedings before the competent court, by filing a motion for enforcement.

For the construction of the missing and reconstruction of the existing water supply and sewerage network, citizens can contact the Municipal Assembly of Laktaši, ie the competent Department for Housing and Communal Services, which are also the owners of the water supply and sewerage infrastructure.

It is necessary to apply to our professional service in charge of new water and sewerage connections where a request for a new connection is applied for, and a building permit, a title deed, a copy of the cadastral plan and a copy of the identity card of the owner of the facility should be enclosed with the application. Based on the request, our expert team goes out to the field to determine the conditions of connection. The connection is made after all obligations under KP “Budućnost” a.d. Laktaši.


The price of the connection consists of three parts:

  • fees depending on the connection profile and the square footage of the building,
  • the material to be fitted for the new connector,
  • labor and mechanization.

The price of the utility is determined by the utility provider, and the approval of the price is given by the competent body of the local self-government unit.

KP “Budućnost” a.d. Laktaši checks the condition of the consumed water every month, and in order to perform the processing on the measuring device, it is necessary to allow us access to the water meter, that is, the shaft must always be unlocked.

Article 17 of the RS Law on Utilities stipulates that the user is obliged to provide the service provider with unhindered access to his network and measuring devices located within a separate part of the building or other real estate of the utility user. Disabling unhindered access is a misdemeanor punishable under Article 39 of the same Law, for which a fine of up to 10,000 KM for legal entities, up to 3,000 KM for entrepreneurs and up to 1,000 KM for natural persons was prevented.