All people who want to connect their existing facilities to the water supply or sewerage system should contact KP “Budućnost” a.d. Laktaši, located at Karađorđeva street 63. The envisaged procedure consists of several stages.


The first step is to apply for a port. With the request, the applicant is obliged to submit appropriate documentation proving the fulfillment of the general, technical and other conditions for connection, in particular:


  • Copy of ID card or some other valid document,
  • Building permit for the building or confirmation by the competent authority of the request for legalization of the building, or confirmation by the Local Community that the building was built before 1984,
  • Copy of cadastral plan,
  • A copy of the title deed and the land registry certificate or other document proving the right of state and property,
  • Other necessary documentation at the request of a professional employee of the Company (e.g. consent of the landowner through which the connection is made, a copy of the project in the part related to connection to the water supply and sewerage network, etc.).


Upon application for connection, the KP “Budućnost” crew enters the field and determines the connection conditions and the location of the shaft. Then the cost of connection to the water supply and/or sewerage system is made and the future user is informed of the amount that must be paid in order to connect the facility to the water supply and/or sewerage system.


Cost of construction of connection (excavation, purchase and installation of gauges) with connection fee is 500,00 KM, if the user works on the construction of the gauge and if from the connection line to the gauge (internal dimensions 1 x 1,20 x 1m) there are up to 20 m. The cost of connection for a distance greater than 20 m is determined by the calculation regarding to the field technician. If the user wants his KP “Budućnost” a.d. deliver and gauge its price is together with production, transport and installation approx. 370,00 KM (without VAT).


The connection fee for business entities is defined by the Price List of the KP “Budućnost” a.d. Laktaši. As for convenience, KP “Budućnost” has reduced the amount of connection tax for residential, residential-commercial and commercial buildings, but this fee applies to connections 1/2 “and 3/4” and it is 150 KM for residential and residential – business, ie 300 KM for business objects (without VAT).