KP “Budućnost” a.d. Laktaši manages and maintains the sewage network in the inhabited places of Laktaši, Slatina and Trn with a total length of 40,613 m of sewage collectors of mixed and separate types of different profiles.

The sewage system “Laktaši” has about 16.130 m of sewage network of mixed type, built mainly in the narrow urban areas, and a total of 1,577 connections were constructed in the same place.

The sewage system “Slatina” has about 4,500 m of sewage collectors, also of mixed type. 109 connections were made to the system in this area.

The sewer system “Trn” has a total of 19,983 m of sewage collectors, and according to the method of collecting and draining wastewater is of a separate and mixed type. The mixed type of collector has 2,441 m of network, and the separate 8,771 m of sewage and 8,771 m of sewage collectors were built side by side in this area. Currently, 228 users (measuring points) are registered in the user records of KP “Budućnost”.

KP “Budućnost” a.d.  Laktaši, as well, regularly provides drainage services and septic tank pumping services to all persons upon request, as well as under specially concluded contracts, and performs regular and extraordinary maintenance of the system, drainage, rehabilitation and cleaning of sewage collectors and shafts.

If you are interested in connecting your facility to a public sewerage system, you can contact us at 051/536-260 for information on conditions.