The public water supply system in the municipality of Laktaši is divided into seven different water supply systems, completely independent of each other, both from the point of view of the source and from the point of view of the distribution network.

The municipality of Laktaši is supplied with drinking water from underground aquifers at depths between 12-25 m. Water is extracted from five wells located near the city center.

On the basis of hydrogeological investigations in the period 1974 – 1976, two wells B1 and B2 were put into exploitation, and the yield of both wells at that time was 55-60 l/s. Over time, there was a decrease in water levels in existing wells, especially during the dry season. The well yield decreased significantly (B1-5 l/s, B2-12 l/s) and did not satisfy the continuous supply of drinking water to the inhabitants of Laktaši municipality. In order to partially solve this problem, exploratory work on new sources began at the end of 2007 and wells B8 and B9 were commissioned as early as mid-2008.

The current capacity of all five wells ranges between 60 l/s and 90 l/s and with the so-called “Old Well” with a capacity of 5-7 l/s.

Local water supply system in Bakinci settlement, by decision of Laktaši municipality, granted management and maintenance of KP “Budućnost” a.d. Laktaši. The problems that arise when supplying consumers with drinking water are the occurrence of turbidity of sources during rainfall and poor abundance during the summer.

The volume of the tank is V = 50m3. Water chlorination is carried out with sodium hypochlorite using a dosing pump.

By the decision of Laktaši Municipality at the end of 2008, the Drugovići water supply system was given to manage and maintain by the KP “Budućnost” a.d. Laktaši. The capacity of the source is very low at 1-1.5 l/s, which is not enough for the number of households supplied with drinking water from this source. The length of the distribution network is 14 km.

Water chlorination is carried out with sodium hypochlorite using a dosing pump.

Slatina is supplied with water from the Banja Luka city network. In the part of city called “Trn”, by pumping system, water is transferred to the reservoir V = 2000m3, from which most of the settlement Slatina is gravitationally supplied, while the other altitude zone is supplied through the respective pumping stations.

In addition to this water supply system there is a local water supply system “Gakovica”, which dates back to the time of Austro-Hungarian rule in this region.

This system covers four sources from which the water is gravitationally distributed to two separate reservoirs, each with a volume V = 50m3.

Local water supply system in “Kriškovci” by decision of the Laktaši municipality, it was given to the management and maintenance of KP “Budućnost” a.d. Laktšai since mid-2011. The current source capacity is 12 l/s. The well depth at the well is 12 m.

A chlorine station was also designed as part of the source. Water is disinfected with chlorine gas.

From the reservoirs “Kriškovci” of volume V = 2x50m3 a certain amount of water is distributed to the reservoir “Milosavci” and the existing reservoir “Gumjera”.

In 2003, the well was built in “Maglajani”. According to the decision of Laktaši Municipality from 2012, the water supply system is managed and maintained by KP “Budućnost” a.d. Laktaši. Drilled wells are located at a depth of 30m. Current source capacity is approximately 7 l/s.

The reservoir is located on the site of hamlet “Gajani” of volume V = 1000m3. Water is disinfected by continuous chlorination using chlorine gas. The chlorine cell is located at the source.